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Parry Aftab is a cyberlawyer, specializing in privacy and cybersecurity law. She founded the world’s first safety and help group in 1995, the world’s first cybersafety charity and now, The Cybersafety Group.

Parry is one of the founders of cyberlaw and has received many national and international awards and recognitions, including the FBI Director’s Award, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Child Recovery Award, and on behalf of her volunteers, The President’s Service Award from the Clinton White House and the George Bush Points of Light Foundation.

She was appointed to oversee the US Committee for UNESCO’s efforts to address digital child sexual exploitation and served on the ISTTF and the Congressionally-appointed OSTWG.

When she was confronted with an image of a toddler being sexually molested online, she vowed to find her. While she never found that little girl, she and her teams of tireless volunteers found and recovered many others.

Disney, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, PBS, Microsoft, the MPAA, the Girl Scouts of the USA, the UN, Wal-Mart, the UK Home Office, the FTC, the FCC, Interpol, nations, industry leaders and policymakers turn to her for answers and her help.

Ask Parry is a feature where you ask questions and she provides answers on cybersafety, cyberbullying, cybercrimes and life online. Feel free to submit your questions here. She will address them publicly here on the site. She won’t use your name, but will use your question (perhaps with a little editing).

She will not address questions seeking legal advice or those accusing someone of wrong-doing. Certain topics, such as politics and attacks against companies or people are off-limits. She reserves the right to not to address certain questions. Parry will choose which questions to address based upon how many others she believes have similar questions. No promotional materials are permitted.

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