Bullycide – Truth and Hype

Bullycide is a term used when suicide follows bullying or cyberbullying

Some incidents of suicide have been broadcast over the Internet. Amanda Todd, you teen from Canada, took her own life after a few troubling years of bullying and cyberbullying, followed by sextortion. Wherever our founder Parry Aftab went around the world, teens knew her name. Most had watched the video she delivered on YouTube. Then, when they heard of her death, they felt that they knew her and had lost someone important to then.

But Amanda wasn’t the first nor the last young person to take their own life in connection with something that happened online. Here’s a link to her own video about her bullying and torment.

A TV news special about Amanda Todd

Parry’s discussion with Carol Todd, Amanda’s mom. https://youtu.be/y9jqFOP6PcI

It is a tragic story

Rehtaeh Parson’s death came after she was date-raped after being given straight vodka. One of the four boys involved took pictures while she was being raped. She tried to get the pictures taken down, but when that didn’t work, she took her own life rather than face continued humiliation.

What Did You Learn?

Why does everyone think that suicides connected with cyberbullying are common?
Were you surprised that cyberbullying-related suicide happens less often than you thought?
How many suicides were connected to cyberbullying?
What factors are often connected to targets of cyberbullying who commit suicide?