Digital Life Skills

Digital Life Skills

 There are four things you need to know as part of digital life skills:

Digital Hygiene: Nope, we’re not talking about electric toothbrushes. Digital hygiene means having:

Clean Machines – no malware, spyware or viruses on any of your devices, from your laptop, to your gaming device, to your cellphone to your tablet.

Cybersecurity – Keeping others out of your devices and accounts, while making sure you can always access them.

Password Literacy – Easy to remember, hard to guess. Choosing the right password for each use, from the simplest to the most complex.

Safe Sharing – Would you give a friend your ATM card and code? If not, you shouldn’t let them use your devices or access your accounts. Don’t share SIM cards, flash drives or cloud accounts. Once shared, you can never get them back!

Beware What You Share: Too often we share too much. We don’t think about how what we share can be used to hurt us. Here are four things to think about:

Watch the Watchers – Some people who check out your posts and shares are just looking to find fun and interesting posts. But others are looking for things to hurt you or make them more popular.  Keep an eye out for who is watching you online. Followers? Likes? Shares? Make sure you know what they are saying about you.